Flat Bed

Flat Bed

Indo American Transport Co., with its expertise in flatbed trucking, offers reliable and efficient transportation solutions throughout the USA and Canada. Whether you need to move heavy machinery, oversized cargo, building materials, or any other freight that requires a flatbed trailer, Indo American has the experience and resources to handle it seamlessly.

Indo American Transport Co. doesn’t just connect states and provinces – they connect businesses and communities. By ensuring the efficient movement of essential goods and materials, they play a vital role in supporting both local economies and national infrastructure projects. Their commitment to safety, reliability, and customer service makes them a trusted partner for companies of all sizes across North America.

Flatbed trucking often comes with unique challenges. Whether it’s navigating complex routes, securing specialized permits, or handling oversized cargo, Indo American’s team is equipped to handle it all. They go the extra mile to understand your specific needs and develop customized solutions that ensure your shipment arrives safely, on time, and within budget. So, if you’re looking for a flatbed trucking company that truly cares about your success, look no further than Indo American Transport Co.


Knowing your cargo is in the hands of experienced professionals allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Why Choose Us

At Indo American Transport Co., we combine decades of expertise with a diverse fleet and highly trained team to ensure your cargo arrives safely and efficiently across North America.

Versatile Expertise

We bring you the best of both worlds – brokerage expertise and direct transportation capabilities.

Years of Dedication

INDO AMERICAN TRANSPORT INC has consistently delivered top-notch service, make us a trusted choice for your transportation.

Extensive Carrier Network

We've handpicked partners to ensure your goods receive the attention and care they deserve.