Temperature Controlled

Temperature Controlled

Our Temperature Controlled Service is the solution to safely transport goods that require specific temperature conditions. Whether it’s perishable items, pharmaceuticals, or any temperature-sensitive cargo, we offer state-of-the-art refrigerated trucks and precise climate control to ensure your products maintain their quality and integrity throughout the journey.

We provide precise temperature control, compliance with regulations, and the assurance of quality throughout the journey, offering a reliable and efficient solution for your specific logistics needs. In the event of unexpected temperature fluctuations, our team is trained to respond quickly and effectively, ensuring your cargo’s safety.

By choosing our Temperature Controlled Service, you’re not just investing in transportation; you’re investing in the preservation of your product’s quality and value.


With our Temperature Controlled Service, you can trust that your temperature-sensitive cargo is in expert hands

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At INDO AMERICAN TRANSPORT INC, we go beyond a mere business relationship. We take a personal interest in your cargo and strive to build a friendship with our clients. Every shipment is managed with the same care as if it were our own.

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We bring you the best of both worlds – brokerage expertise and direct transportation capabilities.

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INDO AMERICAN TRANSPORT INC has consistently delivered top-notch service, make us a trusted choice for your transportation.

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We've handpicked partners to ensure your goods receive the attention and care they deserve.